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Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, operating as Jetstar, is an Australian low-cost airline (self-described as "value-based") headquartered in Melbourne. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas, created in response to the threat posed by airline Virgin Australia. Jetstar is part of Qantas' two brand strategy of having Qantas Airways for the premium full-service market and Jetstar for the low-cost market.

Ana Carolina Hovadick from Australia shared her opinion about Jetstar on Airline Quality in August 2020:

"Do not care about their customers. I booked a flight with them to New Zealand in June, which was canceled due to coronavirus. Instead of giving me a refund, Jetstar just gave me a voucher. Today is 4th August, my Australian visa is expiring soon and I must go back to my home country (where Jetstar do not operate). Due to this situation, I will not be able to use this voucher because traveling is not allowed at this time and I do not have any plans to go back to Australia at any time soon. When I've called Jetstar today to explain this situation and require a refund of my money the answer I have received was: "you can sell you a voucher to someone else if you can not use it". Now, I will lose $700 because Jetstar does not care about their customers and have a completely disrespectful policy. Believe me, this company just cares about money and if they can take advantage of you they will. Do not lose your time and money with these people.


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Current Employee - Captain says

"Never expands, upgrade FO to CAPT slowest in entire South East Asian region. Salary not compettitive. Contractual rights are breached whenever it suits the company. Only airline in Singapore without a employees Union. Majority of pilots are ex-airforce pilots."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career growth, internal politics when it comes to internal job hiring."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I was disappointed on how we were treated as the 'new crew' we were hired as casual and I didnt at all feel welcomed by the others. The company don't care about service they don't care about your duty if care of your well being if they are then everyone talks about it so no there's confidentiality at all. So disappointed. I then went to another airline and the culture was phenomenal. Jetstar experience was extremely a terrific experience but I learnt that that's what happens as a flight attendant you gotta have thick skin which I developed over time. Also no benefits for the full time casuals! Overall experience culture 1 star company 1 star senior management zero star.. Sorry base managers!! You need to remember that once you were new true!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Toxic cliquey culture. There's the 'popular' crew, and then everyone else. So basically like high school. - Does NOT care about employees at all. Not their careers, mental health, nothing. - Only cares about Revenue, Revenue, Revenue. Will give you X resources to deliver $5M in revenue. Next day, the target goes up to $10M because so-and-so underperformed this quarter, while resources remain at X if you're lucky. - Severe shiny ball syndrome - mostly in response to competitor activity/campaigns, rather than strategic changes in priorities - Count tenure as dog years, you'll be worked to the bone."

Former Employee - IT Project Manager says

"Power crazed political wanna be professional leaders failing staff and their company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not stable salary No work life balance"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"No thanks for putting in overtime, working holidays for no extra incentive pay. Missed out on Christmas with my family for 8 of the 11 years I was employed. Harassed if you take sick leave, no opportunity to move up though the ranks of management - the prefer Crew to stay front line and advance direct entry staff instead."

Current Employee - Ramp says

"low pay, poor rostering hours, EBA is garbage"

Current Employee - Operations Control Officer says

"Lack of staff, high turnover of staff, staff get burnt out, bullying by management and lack of training"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Not supportive of employees when needed. Alot of immature colleagues which was very disappointing for such a serious job."

Cabin Crew (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend working here. Failed to provide a positive work culture. High turnover and stressed out staff. 4 weeks of unpaid ground school in a different city with no food provided and hotels without cooking amenities."

Senior Consultant (Former Employee) says

"worse experience with the line management, 1 example, I was asked to use my personal computer for Jetstar Enterprise Datawarehouse tasks. Even though it was resolved. however, it did indicate what kind of practice at this particular team."

Team Leader/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Used to be a wonderful job, now the culture has changed due to all the new self service systems. Little support from management over the past 2 years. Difficult work hours.Staff Travel benifitsMinimum pay"

Cabin Manager / Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The moral is often low, too many different contracts You work long hours but the pay is ok The crew are the best part of the job On time performance is their priority so be prepared to not eat all day"


"Great bunch of people to work with made some life long friends great staff Benefits fast paced No work life balance Bad communication minimal training"

Social Media & Escalations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to do this job and not told that I was only a stop-gap until it was outsourced. My KPIs were continually increased every time I exceeded them until they became totally impossible to reach, and this was then used as justification for letting me go without notice. The same was done to every other person in the same role, and this happened at the same time as a group of people in Manila were hired to do the same job, only they were allowed to meet much lower targets. I was also provided with minimal, ineffective training and then belittled for not immediately knowing how to do my job by my managers. So this airline treat their own staff just as poorly as they treat their passengers, avoid them at all costs.Abusive culture"

cabin crew (Former Employee) says

"The Job is fine if your only bills are your handphone bills. No career advancement and some of its base's contract don't pay well at all. Massive turnover rate including at managemnet levels. Had 3 base managers already this year.Company's motto seem to be....""leave if you want, we'll just hire more"""Sad to see really good crew leaving though as that was the best part of Jetstar...its cabin crew.its a jobsalary do not justify its workload"

Pilot (Current Employee) says

"The low-cost ethos really drags me down. You don't feel that valued as an employee. The flying is good, aeroplanes well-maintained and it's a good group of people to work with."

Program Manager, Group Information Technology, PMO (Former Employee) says

"As with all low cost airlines Jetstar was frugal when project budgets were allocated and at times had an unrealistic expectation on the true cost of implementing projects."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"It was a fun experience and I learnt a lot about what are expected from a flight attendant. Training was great. Company culture not so great but heard it has changed for the better. It is not an extremely glamorous job but definitely a job one has to try out once in a lifetime. Good memories.Get to travel.Irregular working hours."

Cabin Crew (Former Employee) says

"Flying with Jetstar was a great experience, however the work/life balance was non existent, not just in terms of a social life, but in terms of a health and safety perspective.Great teamHealth and personal life suffered"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Good people. Nice staff. Accessible to public transportation and near establishments. When it comes to the company itself, they value their employees.High floor. Takes so much of time."

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"Each day is different at Jetstar. There are days where operation would be progressing smoothly and then suddenly switch to absolute mayhem due to flight disrupts or cancellations. As a Customer Service Officer you are constantly bracing for a dilemma or challenge to arise. Quick thinking, multi-tasking, prioritising, leadership, teamwork encouragement, initiative, whatever it may be, I'm ready to go in this fast paced professional working environment. Being at the front line of a 'low cost' Airline and first point of contact i am constantly ensuring that every customer encounter is my chance to enhance customer loyalty.diversityunder staffed"

Group Financial Accountant (Current Employee) says

"At Jetstar, you do more than one persons role - the work is face paced and demanding. It was good, as it kept you busy.. however, sometimes it was just not achievable. But I had to take on my responsibility and reached my deadlines, be it working long hours and definitely prioritizing myself.Cheap flightsLong hours"

Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good Pay and Conditions. Qantas staff travel. Would have to re-locate to a major hub for any career advancement. Extremely complicated shift pattern at NTL"

Flyhighgreg says

"Worst flight I’ve ever had.... a poor family clearly were over weight with there baggage, however how the staff handled it... it was almost like they flapped so hard they could’ve just flown away... when something happens these guys need to be calmer and a bit more professional than that... makes me feel unsafe knowing this is our calm experienced flight crew that are supposed to be our means of support in case of an emergency... now creating a unprofessional fuss over a bag...
another thing while we were waiting for the flight to take off a staff member was very rude about how they asked specific people to put certain bits of luggage on the ground below there feet.
Gosh just speak to them nicely...
Three overweight flight attendants that couldn’t even fit through the aisle whacking into everyone’s arms while there trying to sleep... just an inconvenient flight with not one sense of safety or security...
Disappointed 🤷🏽‍♂️"

Sakshi Modgill says

"The lady at the Queenstown airport name “Debra” is rude and unethical. Have no manners of behaving with customers. She spoiled my whole trip. she was racist. Staff behave like they are doing huge favour by helping us boarding flight. They get paid because we pay for the flights."

Archana Singh says

"Its a pathetic service and they are fraud, customer service/ social media and online chat none of them are useful but rude, disrespectful .

Not giving my money back or credit/voucher all they say is " Sorry we cant do anything" they just want to take money and promise flexibility and that they understand but in reality once you make a payment they will treat u like garbage ... worst experience ever .. i am going to consumer court if i don't hear anything back from them."

Asil Hadi says

"They stole my money! No refund. It was my last money to see my family 😭 they wouldn’t reply anywher"

Arne Patterson says

"Jetstar sucks....recently booked an internal NZ flight...initially had it booked for a Thursday, all good, 2 days later I get a cancellation notice advising my flight had changed to Friday with no option to re-book on a Thursday at a later date.....completely dirty marketing...furthermore with a Max Bundle deal purchased they refused to refund the is now my endeavour to leave negative feedback on every Jestar complaints website I come across.....will never fly or book with these guys again."

Matthew Green says

"Big issue is around the offer of a voucher for canceled flights no refund (be under no shock as it is in their t&c's), this goes against accc guidance for a cancelled services.

By accepting a voucher you are trapped, and have no guarantee that future flights will be reasonably priced and you may have to pay double the amount of the voucher for the same flight on a different date. thus unsure how this is an ethical option as locks you in to a monopoly type scenario and removes your choice to take the most economical route...

I'd recommend you do a charge back on your card - just contact your provider and state the accc canceled services as reason along with airline not offering refund. I'd also reccommend raising a complaint to ACA ( post contacting jetstar and only being offered a voucher

Hopefully the regulators will clamp down hard on this type of behaviour with the enhanced focus covid brings."

Matthew Woodley says

"Shocking service as I was issued a voucher due to flight cancellations during COVID-19 only to find I can't apply the voucher to make a new booking !? Ridiculous and infuriating. Avoid Jetstar"

Andrew Robinson says

"Jetstar have cancelled 3 flights on me in the last month. No call, no email or SMS. When I go to rebook, the other flights are heavily inflated. They're scammers. They know exactly what they're doing. They know that once you book a flight you then go onto making all the other arrangements for your trip. The flights were never going to take off in the first place. It's to lock you in and then cancel the fake flights and inflate the other flights to the same destination on the same day. Disgusting."

Stephen L says

"I generally travel with Virgin Air but I thought I may give Jetstar a go. Their booking site was ok but I accidently booked am flight instead of pm. I rang up immediately and so far have been on hold for 2 hrs.
Recorded Message "we apologize for the delay and will be with you shortly" 23 hrs and they still have picked up the phone is not shorty EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE STEPHEN"

Lisa Maree says

"Jet star is the worst air line ever. As for the customer service they sure as hell do not have any.... they cancelled my flight and would not get me another flight. I could go on and on about them but it’s just a waist of time... If I could give them no starts I would. I got hung up on twice. I asked to speak to the manager 10mins after they pretended not to be able to hear me and they she hung up on me again...."

JM says

"A greedy corporate airline that cares little about customer satisfaction and cares only for maximizing profits through dishonest means.

We were forced to make a change to our flight and gave jetstar over a months notice, yet they expected us to pay nearly double what we had originally paid with no credit from the prior flight we had to cancel nor an option for a refund or flight voucher.

Their phone number refused to connect and left me forced to deal with their livechat service, which was incredibly tedious and the representative could barely speak English. They constantly made typos while leaving vague copy/paste responses while taking upwards of 10+ minutes for each response, taking over an hour of frustration to get to the conclusion that they were totally useless.

0/10 - Worst company i've ever dealt with and will definitely not use this airline again."

Vasco Chabert Vaz says

"Their refund policy is ridiculous.
When the Covid pandemic forced the whole world to close their borders, the least they could do is to refund the people that
cannot travel. Not because they don't want to, but simply because we can't.
I requested that very same thing. They did not let me. Jetstar did not give me an option.
Instead, they gave me a voucher, that I have had for a year, and I still cannot use.
Now, a year later Australia is still locked down, I can't go. So basically, they're taking money from me that I'll never be able to use.
They're conditioning my travel options. This is a clear abuse towards consumers.
I have to use the voucher when JETSTAR decides. Otherwise, I lose the money. Ridiculous.
And to top it all off, the company has extended my voucher until 2031... seriously?
How much easier would it be to just give me a refund and cancel the voucher? Honestly?
Words can't express how unbelievably outraging this is.
I've basically lost a bunch of money."

Andy says

"Incompetent airline with incompetent staff. From check to boarding to in air customer service its like they go out of their way to make things difficult and to out do each other on how crap of a service they offer.
Lower fares shouldn't equal poor service and experience"

Hazel Feraren says

"Very poor staff service! Nobody is smiling at the check-in counter, looked unhappy dealing with passengers."

Ryan Wood says

"Absolute worst airline. Just paid $65 for laptop bag because combined luggage weighed 0.63kgs over."

Gary H says

"I bought two flights on Jetstar (Perth to Bali) for August 2020. When Covid restrictions made it clear the flight wasn't possible, Jetstar offered a voucher (but no refund). I attempted to use the voucher for 2021, but the voucher is worthless - as they aren't accepting international bookings. After three long, separate conversations they finally accepted my complaint, which they've now rejected. They refuse to offer a refund (they say I chose a voucher, this is untrue - no refund was offered). They are the only company to refuse a refund of all the flights/hotel etc. booked on the trip concerned. It speaks volumes."

Linda Everington says

"Jetstar cancelled my flights to Bali on 1 October. I contacted live chat and asked for a refund. They agreed to a refund and said it would take 15 days. On 8 October they sent me a voucher. I again contacted live chat who refused to refund me even though I had it in writing. Jetstar also refunded me for Bangkok flights that they cancelled in June. This is the same circumstances and I believe they are guilty of deceptive conduct under the ACCC guidlines. The voucher is for $2337 which is too much to spend on domestic travel. This is no way to treat a loyal customer."

Ellie Birch says

"I would give 0 stars. Absolute terrible company and who do not care about their customers one single bit. Cancelled our flight due to COVID and As I am from the UK I will not be in Australia/ NZ in the near future due to visa and they will not refund me my money. Not only that they gifted my a voucher which I did not ask for (received via email) and now I am in contact with them stating I did not want this and want my refund they are saying they cannot refund a voucher- even tho I did not ask for it. Not only that, the first time we booked they cancelled it again and we did rebook but we had to use $800 worth of money on ONE single flight as that was their policy at the time- they then changed this 2 days later but wouldn't let us have money back so we had to use our money on one single flight paying for extra luggage, leg room and food (which we did not receive on the flight) they also won't refund us for this now. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE company."

Tashi Karate says

"Jetstar services I have found to be mostly reasonable over the years. A rare disappointment, deeply frustrating at the time (for example a cancelled flight due to a computer crash affecting all their flights). Their ticketing system is in my view not the best as it quotes a price then offers "add ons" of items I consider essential, which in my view fails a test of transparency when comparing to the preferable (in my view) Virgin Australia online booking system. The trick is that at first blush the Jetstar flight seems cheaper than the comparable Virgin flight, but once you consider the necessary add-ons the Jetstar flight might be equal or dearer to the Virgin flight. However, this is a 'known'. That aside, the service is okay for short domestic flights. Reasonable."

Sheryl Tuka says

"I booked my flights with jetstar back in June to fly from QLD to Queenstown, just found out on Wednesday my flights have been canceled due to COVID-19, they first offer vouchers which I can’t see myself using in the near future as I was only flying over in November for my nieces 18th, so I rung them to see if I could get money back instead of vouchers, they agreed to giving my money back which is great, however reading some of these comments I’m a little bit concerned as nothing else was really required from me, they asked about bank details etc and then that was it, I was expecting an email or something to confirm that I requested a refund, so only time will tell I guess, over all going by some of these comments I think I got lucky (this time) Good luck to others that are trying to do the same thing 😊"